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Americas middle classes are no longer coping
The era of easy money is over. With the bursting of the housing bubble, home equity is drying up. As Moody’s reported recently, defaults on home equity loans have surged to the highest level this decade. Car and credit card debt is next. Personal bankruptcies rose 48 per cent in first half of 2007, probably even more in the second half, which means a wave of defaults on consumer loans. Meanwhile, as foreigners begin shifting out of dollars, we will no longer have access to cheap foreign goods and services. In short, the anxiety gripping the middle class is not simply a product of the current economic slowdown. The underlying problem began around 1970. Any presidential candidate seeking to address it will have to think bigger than bailing out lenders and borrowers, or stimulating the economy with tax cuts and spending increases.
robert reich | | 06-02-2008

Vuelve el pánico a los mercados ante una probable recesión en EEUU
La Bolsa de Tokio cortó una racha de tres sesiones consecutivas al alza tras ceder hoy 541, 25 puntos. También sufrieron fuertes pérdidas Hong Kong, China y Corea del Sur. Europa opera con bajas generalizadas.
| | 28-01-2008

Waving Goodbye to Hegemony
Turn on the TV today, and you could be forgiven for thinking it’s 1999. Democrats and Republicans are bickering about where and how to intervene, whether to do it alone or with allies and what kind of world America should lead. Democrats believe they can hit a reset button, and Republicans believe muscular moralism is the way to go. It’s as if the first decade of the 21st century didn’t happen — and almost as if history itself doesn’t happen. But the distribution of power in the world has fundamentally altered over the two presidential terms of George W. Bush, both because of his policies and, more significant, despite them. Maybe the best way to understand how quickly history happens is to look just a bit ahead.
parag khanna | | 26-01-2008

Fed Makes Emergency 0.75% Rate Cut
The Federal Reserve, responding to an international stock sell-off and the likelihood of a sharp drop in America on Tuesday morning, cut its benchmark interest rate by three-quarters of a percentage point. The Federal Open Market Committee lowered its target for the federal funds rate on overnightloans between banks to 3.5 percent, from 4.25 percent. In a statement, the Fed said: “The committee took this action in view of a weakening of the economic outlook and increasing downside risks to growth. While strains in short-term funding markets have eased somewhat, broader financial market conditions have continued to deteriorate and credit has tightened further for some businesses and households.”
keith bradsher and david jolly | | 22-01-2008

Foreigners Buy Stakes in the U.S. at a Record Pace
“The forces sucking in this capital are much bigger than the political forces,” said Mr. Garten, the Yale trade expert. “If there is a big controversy, it will be between Washington on the one hand and corporate America on the other. In that contest, the financiers and the businessmen are going to win, as they always do.”
peter s. goodman and louise story | | 20-01-2008

Don’t Cry for Me, America
It wasn’t just Alan Greenspan’s unwillingness to admit that there was anything more than a bit of “froth” in housing markets, or his refusal to do anything about subprime abuses. The fact is that as America’s financial system has grown ever more complex, it has also outgrown the framework of banking regulations that used to protect us — yet instead of an attempt to update that framework, all we got were paeans to the wonders of free markets
paul krugman | | 18-01-2008

Citi Posts $9.83 Billion Loss; Will Cut Jobs
Beginning what is expected to be a grim week for financial company earnings, Citigroup said it was writing down $22.2 billion because of soured mortgage-related investments and bad loans. The bank is also cutting its dividend by 41 percent and obtaining a $12.5 billion cash infusion to strengthen its balance sheet, including big investments by its former chairman, Sanford I. Weill, and the Government of Singapore Investment Corporation. Facing rising expenses and deepening losses, Citigroup is expected to embark on a major cost-cutting campaign that could result in at least 4,000 layoffs. And thousands more could be in the offing in the coming months.
eric dash | | 15-01-2008

The Comeback Continent
Europe continues to be a big-government sort of place. And that’s why it’s important to get the real story of the European economy out there.
paul krugman | | 11-01-2008

Trouble With Trade
For the world economy as a whole — and especially for poorer nations — growing trade between high-wage and low-wage countries is a very good thing. Above all, it offers backward economies their best hope of moving up the income ladder. But for American workers the story is much less positive. In fact, it’s hard to avoid the conclusion that growing U.S. trade with third world countries reduces the real wages of many and perhaps most workers in this country. And that reality makes the politics of trade very difficult.
paul krugman | | 28-12-2007

Six Women You Need to Meet
Crack out of your dating rut and try someone new for a change
| | 26-12-2007

El tren japonés de levitación magnética llegará en 2025
La compañía japonesa Central Japan Railway Co (JR Tokai) confirmó el desarrollo de la máquina y red ferroviaria de levitación magnética
Juan Ranchal | | 26-12-2007

El tren japonés de levitación magnética llegará en 2025
La compañía japonesa Central Japan Railway Co (JR Tokai) confirmó el desarrollo de la máquina y red ferroviaria de levitación magnética
Juan Ranchal | | 26-12-2007

The Trials of Alberto Fujimori
I totally reject the charges. I am innocent. I do not accept this accusation
LUCIEN CHAUVIN | | 13-12-2007

Can We Save the World by 2015?

BRYAN WALSH | | 04-12-2007

Wounds of the Revolution
Edward Tian was 3 years old when Mao Tse-tung launched the Cultural Revolution. His parents, ecologists who had been educated in the Soviet Union, were deported to rural backwaters. A mob invaded his home and burned his family’s books. He was separated from his sister and was sent to live with his maternal grandmother in the industrial city of Shenyang.
david brooks | | 30-11-2007

The uninvited guest: Chinese sub pops up in middle of U.S. Navy exercise, leaving military chiefs red-faced

MATTHEW HICKLEY | | 12-11-2007

The Most Painful Torture Devices Of All Time

Administrator | | 13-11-2007

Gaza’s Reflection in a Foul Threat
A lagoon of human waste is a sort of metaphor for Gaza, coping with makeshift answers to long-term problems.
STEVEN ERLANGER | | 06-11-2007

China embarks on a new cultural revolution with celebration of digital arts

christina patterson | | 01-11-2007

Raffineurs pétroliers japonais ont commencé à payer le pétrole brut iranien en yen au lieu de dollar

la pravda | | 17-10-2007

How George Bush became the new Saddam

PATRICK GRAHAM | | 25-09-2007

Peoples and Places: Free Miami!

| | 25-09-2007

Why We're Losing the War on Terror

David Cole & Jules Lobel | | 11-09-2007

Least Religious Countries

iva skoch | | 25-08-2007

Japón prepara la nueva Internet para 2020

| | 21-08-2007

Magic ‘Fish Spa’ Attracts More

| | 15-08-2007

Soy isoflavones may halve prostate cancer risk

Stephen Daniells | | 01-08-2007

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